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Following are bonuses offered for customers who purchase Commission Hero AI through this website.

Bonus #1: One-on-One Coaching ($2997 Real Value)

When you purchase Commission Hero AI through my affiliate link, you’ll get exclusive access to personalized 1-on-1 coaching from yours truly. As a seasoned affiliate marketer, I’ll be your guide on this wealth-building journey, ensuring you extract maximum value from this game-changing software.

Together, we’ll dive deep into mastering Commission Hero’s capabilities, from setting up hyper-targeted campaigns to optimizing for maximum ROI. You’ll receive customized tips, strategies, and support tailored specifically to your business goals. No more struggling alone – I’ll be your partner in exponentially growing your affiliate income.

Don’t let this life-changing opportunity pass you by. Invest in your future today by grabbing Commission Hero AI through my affiliate link below. I’ll be there every step of the way, empowering you to crush your income goals and achieve the lifestyle you deserve.

Bonus #2: 1 Year Email support ($1497 Real Value)

And as an exclusive bonus for purchasing through my affiliate link, you’ll receive 1 full year of unlimited email support directly from me. Whether you need help with Commission Hero AI, want strategic advice on your campaigns, or have any other affiliate marketing questions, I’ll be just an email away. Consider me your personal mentor, available to provide expert guidance whenever you need it over the next 12 months. This level of dedicated 1-on-1 support is truly priceless for accelerating your affiliate marketing success.

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Bonus #3: Resell Rights to Digital Marketing Course ($1997 Real Value)

But I’m not stopping there! As part of this incredible package, you’ll also receive full resell rights to my premium Digital Marketing Mastery course. That’s right – this comprehensive, step-by-step training program is yours to keep and even resell for 100% profits.

Inside the course, you’ll discover proven strategies for driving traffic, building an email list, crafting high-converting sales funnels, and so much more. Whether you implement these digital marketing tactics yourself or opt to resell the course, it’s an invaluable asset worth thousands on its own.

By owning the resell rights, you can either leverage the materials to supplement your own marketing efforts or start an entirely new revenue stream by selling the course. Imagine adding a lucrative new income pillar without lifting a finger to create the product yourself!

This truly is an unmissable deal – world-class AI software, 1-on-1 coaching, unlimited email support, and a premium digital marketing course you can resell and profit from. Where else will you find such a comprehensive, value-packed offer?

Bonus #4: Complete Sales Funnel Template for Digital Marketing Course ($1497 Real Value)

And there’s even more value packed into this one-of-a-kind offer! To ensure your success, I’m also providing you with the complete, high-converting sales funnel template for the Digital Marketing Mastery course.

From attention-grabbing opt-in pages to nurturing email sequences and persuasive sales materials, you’ll get every piece of the proven funnel that has already generated millions in revenue. Simply plug in your own branding and offers, and you’ve got a turnkey system for promoting and selling the course (or any other product/service).

With these professionally-designed funnel assets at your fingertips, you’ll save countless hours and bypass the frustrating trial-and-error of crafting campaigns from scratch. My battle-tested templates will have you driving targeted leads and sales from day one.

Whether you use the funnel to sell the course itself or leverage it as a model for your other marketing funnels, it’s an incredibly valuable resource.

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Bonus #5: I will Set Up Your Digital Marketing Course ($1497 Real Value)

I understand that not everyone purchasing this package may be tech-savvy or have prior experience with online marketing. That’s why I’m committed to ensuring your success, regardless of your current skill level.

As part of this exclusive offer, I’ll personally guide you through the entire setup process for the Digital Marketing Mastery course and sales funnel template. During a 1-on-1 screen share session, I’ll walk you step-by-step on how to get everything configured properly.

We’ll cover importing the course materials, connecting the funnel pages, integrating payment processors and email providers – literally every technical detail. By the end of our session, you’ll have a fully operational, turnkey system for selling the course and generating revenue.

You can relax knowing you don’t need to be a technical wizard. I’ll be your personal implementation coach, holding your hand through each phase until you have a professional, profit-ready marketing funnel deployed.

For those who are complete beginners, I’ll also provide new business setup guidance covering essentials like choosing a domain name, web hosting, branding/design assistance, and more. Consider me your private launch specialist, dedicated to your success.

Bonus #6: Done For You Landing Pages ($1497 Real Value)

To accelerate your affiliate marketing profits even further, I’m including an incredibly valuable bonus – high-converting, done-for-you landing pages for some of the hottest-selling products on ClickBank.

After analyzing year’s worth of data on top-performing ClickBank offers, I’ve hand-picked the biggest money-makers and created professionally designed, persuasive landing pages optimized for maximum conversions.

These pre-built assets will allow you to literally hit the ground running as a successful affiliate marketer for proven offers. No more guesswork about what converts – my pre-built landing pages leverage years of split-testing data and proven marketing principles.

Simply add your affiliate links, optionally add some branding elements, and these high-ROI landing pages will be ready to drive targeted traffic and sales from day one. You’ll get a steady stream of red-hot, qualified buyer leads.

Of course, I’ll provide personal 1-on-1 coaching to ensure you properly set up and optimize your ClickBank affiliate campaigns using these conversion-crushing landing pages.

This bonus makes launching as a successful affiliate for ClickBank’s top products virtually hands-free. It’s like having a team of conversion-savvy designers and marketers building out entire high-performing campaigns for you!

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Bonus #7: Access to Passive Income on Autopilot: The 4-Week Profit Activator ($997 Real value)

This comprehensive 4-week blueprint will guide you step-by-step to generating automated income with high-ticket phone call sales – even if you’re a complete beginner.

Week 1 focuses on identifying low-competition niches and setting up campaigns quickly using my done-for-you templates. You’ll learn pricing strategies to make selling irresistible and how to start getting leads without paying for ads.

Week 2 dives into beating the competition by finding untapped angles in seeminglyover-saturated markets. You’ll discover my automated “sales robot” software for handling calls effortlessly on autopilot.

Week 3 covers advanced strategies for scaling your phone call income using social media, form submissions, and other traffic channels. Even total newbies will know exactly how to land those first lucrative client deals.

Finally, Week 4 optimizes your campaigns for maximum profitability and automation. You’ll get my step-by-step process for gradually removing yourself from daily operations while revenue keeps flowing in perpetually.

By the end of this 4-week accelerated training, you’ll have a fully-automated phone call sales business primed to generate income on autopilot for years to come – all while working smarter, not harder.

Bonus #8: Access to Silent Affiliate Assassin System ($997 Real Value)

The Silent Affiliate Assassin System is a complete training for dominating affiliate marketing through stealthy, conversion-optimized campaigns.

In Module 1, you’ll get my refined product selection methodology to identify massively profitable promotions from day one, plus an affiliate network library for easily sourcing winners.

Module 2 covers the legal fundamentals – I’ll provide plugins to auto-create your website’s requirements like TOS pages, plus a content plugin to populate your site instantly without writing.

Module 3 equips you with high-converting, fill-in-the-blank page templates and free tracking software. You’ll watch me build a campaign from scratch so you can replicate every step.

In Module 4, you’ll go advanced with live campaign optimization training directly from me. I’ll reveal scaling secrets to quickly explode your earnings 1,000% on profitable promotions.

Module 5 unlocks my second “money exploder” campaign method through another plug-and-profit page template. Again, you’ll learn by watching me set up and optimize these campaigns live.

Finally, Module 6 breaks into the lucrative physical product promotion world – how to get approved by big companies, then deploy my optimization and scaling system.

You’ll also get two automation bonuses: A Performance & Scaling Calculator to optimize campaigns at a glance, and a Product Selection Worksheet to remove guesswork in choosing profitable promotions.

From beginner basics to advanced affiliate assassin tactics, this system equips you with everything needed to decisively execute high-income affiliate campaigns on autopilot.

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Bonus #9: Access to YouTube Millionaire Mastery ($1997 Real Value)

Finally unlock your entrepreneurial dreams and achieve true freedom with The YouTube Millionaire Mastery – the ultimate step-by-step blueprint for building a wildly profitable online empire solely through YouTube.

Inside, you’ll get access to the complete YouTube Business Mastery video course. Through comprehensive lessons, workbooks, quizzes, and support from instructors, you’ll learn how to create incredible viral content, rapidly grow a massive YouTube audience, and quickly replace your full-time income through monetization mastery.

But this is no ordinary YouTube course – it’s an all-in-one system that equips you with a YouTube coach, business coach, mindset coach, and marketing coach. You’ll learn to transform your channel into an automated sales machine rather than just another video hobby.

Upon finishing the coursework, you’ll earn the official YouTube Millionaire Mastery Certification, proving your status as a YouTube business elite.

Best of all, you get lifetime access included, ensuring you’ll receive all future updates and additions as the system expands. There’s no need to purchase anything else ever again!

And for an extremely limited time, you’ll also receive free bonus gifts – exclusive growth-accelerating resources to shortcut your path to YouTube mastery even further.

Stop trading time for money and get ready to experience the laptop lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. With The YouTube Escape Velocity System, the path to a lucrative online empire funded by YouTube is finally unlocked.

Bonus #10: Access to The Anonymous Entrepreneur ($1997 Real Value)

Discover how to generate viral video content for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts while preserving total anonymity. This complete training will teach you to master creating faceless viral hits that captivate audiences and open the door to monetization – all without revealing your identity.

Through step-by-step lessons, you’ll learn ideation, production, and optimization strategies specifically for going viral anonymously across top social platforms. You’ll also get a proven system for transforming that viral traction into revenues through influencer deals, digital sales, and more…faceless profits await!

By the end, you’ll have a replicable blueprint for churning out viral faceless videos on demand, monetizing your success anonymously. It’s continuous social media proliferation without any privacy compromises – the ideal income architect for the anonymous entrepreneur.

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Commission Hero AI

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Robby Blanchard, a marketing guru, has created a new online advertising training course called Commission Hero AI. The school, which is scheduled to begin on March 18, 2024, will educate students on how to leverage automation and artificial intelligence to create profitable Facebook and YouTube ad campaigns.

The Blanchard software package is a crucial element that streamlines and improves the process of creating advertisements. Through Commission Hero AI, students will learn hands-on techniques to leverage advanced AI tools for finding high-converting audiences, creating effective ad content, automating campaign management, and quickly expanding advertising efforts.

The objective is to empower marketers to save time and increase return on investment by applying innovative AI methods. Commission Hero AI aims to provide a comprehensive education in the latest AI-driven strategies for Facebook and YouTube advertising, catering to aspiring digital marketers.

Features of Commission Hero AI

AI-Powered Audience Targeting

Commission Hero AI’s core strength lies in its special audience-targeting technology, driven by advanced artificial intelligence. This technology uses smart algorithms to study the vast user data on Facebook and YouTube.

It’s capable of identifying specific target audiences tailored to a product or service with a high chance of converting. The analysis includes demographics like age, gender, income, and location, but it goes further by examining behavioral data such as page interactions, video views, interests, and online shopping habits.

What sets it apart is its ability to even optimize for lookalike audiences resembling a company’s current customers. Achieving such precise targeting manually is impractical due to the enormous data volumes involved.

The AI not only performs this task efficiently but also continuously learns and enhances its targeting suggestions over time.

>> Click here to know more about Hero AI

Automated Ad Creative Generation

Commission Hero AI eliminates the most time-intensive aspect of running ads by using AI to automate ad creative generation. The proprietary creative engine can generate high-quality ad copy, images, videos, and design elements tailored to appeal to a chosen target audience.

The AI is trained on millions of past top-performing ads to determine what creative attributes, text, images, angles, calls-to-action, and video content will be most appealing based on audience data and marketing objectives. The AI generates hundreds of creative variations and the most high-potential ads are added to the campaign.

This allows for continuous rapid testing and refinement of creatives. The automated creative function allows marketers to scale ad efforts exponentially while still maintaining relevance, quality, and high conversion rates.

AI-Optimized Ad Campaign Management

Commission Hero AI leverages advanced analytics and predictive modeling to optimize and improve campaign performance on the fly. Once YouTube ads start running, the AI closely monitors key metrics like cost per click, conversion rates, audience engagement levels, and more.

It then uses data-driven predictive models to make dynamic optimizations automatically. This includes adjustments to bids, budgets, audience targeting, creative selection, and more to maximize ROI.

AI optimization is continuous and able to respond to market changes faster than any human. And with every campaign that runs, the AI has more data to enhance its models and optimization abilities.

This enables campaigns to start strong and then continue to improve results over time thanks to 24/7 AI optimization.

Customized Software Suite

Commission Hero AI includes access to a comprehensive Facebook ads software suite and tools designed specifically for executing the course curriculum.

There are beginner-friendly interfaces, step-by-step walkthroughs, and implementation guides to make the advanced AI technology easy to apply for marketers at any skill level.

The software is also tailored so students can customize the pre-trained AI models for their specific marketing objectives and verticals.

Everything is linked together and built to leverage AI and automation powerfully and provide students with a streamlined system to deploy campaigns profitably.


  • Automates tedious ad creation and optimization tasks using AI.
  • Provides targeted audiences and high-converting creatives.
  • Enables rapid campaign scaling and improved performance over time.


  • The upfront cost of the course and software suite.
  • Ongoing ad budget required to run campaigns.


Because Commission Hero AI fully integrates the newest artificial intelligence technology, it signifies a significant advancement in digital advertising.

From audience targeting to creative creation to campaign administration, this course gives marketers a thorough understanding of how to use AI tools to automate and optimize every aspect of operating high-converting Facebook and YouTube ad campaigns.

Even though the initial training and software expenses are an investment, Commission Hero AI’s AI-powered automation offers significant time and productivity gains.

Marketers will receive practical training on how to fully utilize cutting-edge AI to outperform human talents in advertising.

All things considered, Commission Hero AI presents marketers with a thrilling and perhaps game-changing chance to become experts in AI-driven advertising and achieve unprecedented levels of success.

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Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero AI: Everything You Should Know

commission hero ai

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Commission Hero AI:

The new dawn of technology has opened up countless opportunities to earn online, and artificial intelligence (AI), which has created quite a buzz recently, has brought along a unique chance to make the big buck. Thanks to Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero AI course, set to be launched on March 18, you can leverage the power of machine intelligence to power up your ads marketing effort. But what is the Commission Hero AI course, and what does it do? Let’s find out in this article.

A Little About Robby Blanchard

Fascinated by the world of technology and its potential for high earnings, Robby Blanchard has been on the frontline to advocate for online marketing. However, he doesn’t only shout out his intentions to educate from the rooftops-he’s provided training to droves and has found quite a following online.

Most of his training programs and courses have earned massive popularity because he’s reached the peak, earning big. By openly showing these results generating 8+ figures in affiliate commission, he urges everyone to get on board. He’s recently announced that he’ll release his new and AI-powered Commission Hero AI course to help aspiring individuals harness the power of AI to make a fortune with his advanced YouTube and Facebook ads training program.

What Is Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero AI Course?

Blanchard has already established his renowned affiliate training program, Commission Hero, which he claims has helped thousands if not tens of thousands. With this course, he’s positioned himself in internet marketing and heavily focuses on lead generation, affiliate marketing, and profitable campaign launches. However, he’s kicked his training a notch higher, leveraging the power of AI to create his Commission Hero AI training course.

So, what is Commission Hero AI, and what’s different?

Commission Hero AI is an advanced Facebook and YouTube ads training course that Blanchard is set to release on March 18, 2024. The course has a software suite to help every aspiring affiliate marketer understand how to optimize and launch their Facebook and YouTube ads campaigns to earn an affiliate commission. This course could be a game changer in modern internet marketing as it integrates AI to make it incredibly effective.

What to Expect from Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero AI

If you’ve ever tried affiliate marketing without a proper acquaintance or knowing the workarounds, you understand how much of a maze it can be to navigate. Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero AI offers a comprehensive software suite that gets you seasoned before venturing into the complex world of Facebook and YouTube ad affiliate marketing.

>> Learn more about Commission Hero AI

Here’s what may be available from this training course:

Training and Support

Blanchard aims to train newbies and ensure experts in the affiliate marketing niche hone themselves with the skills they may need to optimize their affiliate marketing using Facebook and YouTube. Whether or not you’re only starting with Facebook and YouTube ads affiliate marketing, this training course can come in handy in introducing you to the intricacies of this niche.

Affiliate Marketing Campaign AI Automation

With AI integration, Blanchard’s Commission Hero AI training courses may provide more advanced analytics, campaign behaviors, and consumer patterns. That could improve your affiliate marketing strategy and allow you to make more informed and data-driven decisions.

With AI getting increasingly better, now’s as good as any time to capitalize on this course to make your affiliate marketing journey using Facebook and YouTube ads more successful.

Is Commission Hero AI by Robby Blanchard Worth It?

Commission Hero AI is a vast improvement of the already available training course. With everything available, including the complete commission Hero System, complete done-for-you landing pages, and live weekly coaching, this course can be everything you need to jumpstart your affiliate marketing journey.

The catch is that you might have to ante up a little more money for the modules, given the integration of AI technology. Overall, this course is worth every penny spent as its value can be worth the long shot.


If you’re an affiliate marketer and aspire to make it big, Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero AI can be what you need. The course, scheduled for launch on March 18, will train individuals looking to succeed in affiliate marketing using Facebook and YouTube ads. Now AI-integrated, this course provides every tool to make learning more practical and efficient.

>> Join Commission Hero AI now

Hero AI – An Advanced Facebook ads and YouTube ads Training Program

hero ai

>>Click here to know about Commission Hero AI

The Hero AI program promises to dramatically improve Facebook and YouTube ads in your marketing campaign. It claims to reshape the digital marketing landscape by mapping where the customers are in their buying journey. Robby Blanchard combines detailed case studies, AI software, and a plethora of resources to make the program more than just a money-making system. In this review, we’ll dissect the course to see if it’s a good fit for your business.

About the author

Robby Blanchard is the man behind the Hero AI course He’s a renowned affiliate marketer focusing primarily on Facebook and YouTube ads. His positive energy has helped thousands of entrepreneurs harness the power of ads to build an audience. Blanchard’s name is synonymous – his track record speaks for itself. He’s the man behind Project Platinum and Commission Hero. His commitment to excellence is what sets him apart.

How does Hero AI work?

If you want to be part of this transformative experience, Hero AI awaits you. It uses artificial intelligence to improve the effectiveness of your social media advertising campaigns. Thanks to the advanced algorithms, users can analyze vast amounts of data to maximize their ROI. To speak candidly, proper utilization of this tool can amplify your marketing efforts. The core objective of the course is to equip users with the necessary skills to run their Facebook and YouTube ads successfully.

What’s in the Hero AI course?

You’ll learn:

• How to optimize your Facebook and YouTube ads with the help of AI

• How to place the ads to the right audience

• Retargeting strategies to grow your business past six figures

You’re probably thinking that this Facebook ads course echoes the same narrative as other online programs. Well, Hero AI distinguishes itself in the following ways:

AI software integration

The program uses the latest technologies of AI to handle more than 90% of tasks involved in online advertising. This groundbreaking software offers some level of automation.

>> Click here to learn more about Hero AI

The expertise of Robby Blanchard

Blanchard’s part courses (Commission Hero and Project Platinum) have demonstrated consistent success. Most users claim to generate seven figures per year. The strategies discussed in the Facebook ads course are tested to highlight the effectiveness of his teaching strategies. This is an opportunity to learn from an expert.



The user-friendly interface allows you to create Facebook and YouTube ads and publish them in minutes. Additionally, you’ll learn how to manage them in a centralized place.

Saves time

The program uses the latest technologies of AI. The beautiful thing about the course is that it does all the grunt work that takes hours for humans to perform. In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, automation can be a game-changer. With Hero AI, you can streamline repetitive tasks and focus on other critical aspects of your business.

Hyper-targeted ads

Hero AI analyzes user behavior to create highly targeted ads. This level of engagement increases the likelihood of conversions. Secondly, you get suggestions on how to generate more compelling visual ads. The ability to discern intricate patterns guarantees highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Optimizing ads in real-time

The AI tools will ensure your ads perform at their best in real-time. Even as a newcomer, you can match the performance of the highly sought-after advertising agencies.

Personalized support and guidance

Robby Blanchard commits to be there for you as you implement the strategies in your business. If you need any assistance, you can reach out via email. He can also schedule a live chat at your convenience.

In this new course, Blanchard does not just teach; he ensures his students reach the pinnacle of online marketing. His approach to guiding students aims to help entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge in the digital space.

Pricing structure of the Facebook ads course

Hero AI course will come with a 12-month payment plan. You’ll also have an option to make two payments – check the official website for further details. The course will be available from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Ready to take the next step?

Hero AI will be the game changer for businesses that want to revolutionize the way they interact with their audience. If you want to be part of this revolutionary journey, you can grab a copy of this amazing program on March 18th, 2024. After you implement the strategies offered by Robby Blanchard, you can leverage your Facebook and YouTube ads to triple your income. It’s 100% legit and definitely worth your investment.

Don’t miss out on this lifetime deal!

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Robby Blanchard


Robby Blanchard is an established authority in the affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship spaces. With over 15 years of experience, he has created several highly successful online courses including Commission Hero and Platinum Project which teach proven affiliate marketing strategies and tactics.

His loyal customer base eagerly anticipates the launch of his newest course called Hero AI on March 18th, 2024, which leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to streamline and optimize the entire affiliate marketing process.

By automating and optimizing key workflows from research to execution, Hero AI promises to take Robby’s expert teaching to the next level while maximizing earning potential. His expertise and innovative application of AI has generated substantial excitement and anticipation for the transformative impact Hero AI may have on the industry.

About Robby Blanchard

robby blanchard

>> Click here to learn about Commission Hero AI

Robby Blanchard first ventured into affiliate marketing in 2015, cutting his teeth during the “Wild West” days of online marketing. Recognizing the income potential of affiliate programs, he quickly found success driving traffic and generating commissions within newly mainstream affiliate networks.

Leveraging this experience, Robby later decided to create online courses to teach others how to transform passions, interests and hobbies into thriving affiliate marketing businesses. For over fifteen years, he has continually expanded on his affiliate system mastery through new course offerings, while staying at the digital forefront by incorporating technological advances.

With the promise of heightened earnings potential, Robby was compelled to create his newest course Hero AI – integrating artificial intelligence to take affiliate marketing to unprecedented new heights. His unrivaled expertise and strategic adoption of emerging technologies has fueled anticipation for the launch of Hero AI as his most transformative program yet.

Commission Hero and Platinum Project Courses

For several years now, Commission Hero and Platinum Project have been Robby Blanchard’s flagships courses – teaching the entire process to find winning offers, drive targeted traffic to promotions and ultimately generate commissions with affiliate marketing.

The basic outline of Robby’s affiliate marketing business model is:

• Research profitable affiliate offers in niche markets
• Create content assets like articles, emails, text messages around chosen offers
• Drive traffic to affiliate links using paid ads (FB, YouTube, Native, Display ads)
• Repeat and scale the process over and over

Some core methods covered inside the courses include:

  • Finding untapped, unsaturated affiliate offers with decent payouts.
  • Writing catchy headlines that capture attention.
  • Optimizing landing pages for higher conversions
  • Split testing ads to determine winners.
  • Retargeting previous visitors to increase sales.

Building custom audiences for laser focused ads

Both Commission Hero and Platinum Project revealed new, actionable strategies during an era when many outdated affiliate marketing tactics no longer worked. They hit the market at just the right time – when Robby could teach methods, he used to generate over $40 million in sales.

>> Click here to get more details about Hero AI

It was affiliate marketing adapted for today’s online ecosystems and advertising landscapes.

The underlying course philosophy also resonated strongly. Robby insisted members promote products they actually know, like and trust. Building an affiliate business around your interests and passions is much more fulfilling while also establishing authority and trust with your target audience.

Now Hero AI looks to streamline and optimize the proven Commission Hero framework leveraging futuristic AI technology.

Hero AI Course Launching March 2024

hero ai

Hero AI represents the culmination of Robby Blanchard’s 9 years working in affiliate marketing, capped off with bleeding-edge artificial intelligence integration. Simply put – it aims to automate the manual tasks and processes covered in Commission Hero to boost earning potential.

This means Hero AI customers can leverage AI algorithms and data synthesis to:

  • Accurately detect online money-making opportunities with affiliate programs, across multiple platforms and websites simultaneously.
  • Generate written content around targeted affiliate offers including articles, social posts, text snippets, emails and more.
  • Run sophisticated data analysis to inform the launch of new campaigns, including intelligence on audiences, competition, saturation and optimization ability.
  • Track, monitor and optimize all aspects of affiliate campaigns using predictive data and metrics tailored to your offer vertical.

The capabilities Hero AI brings to the table should not be understated. Affiliate marketers typically rely on spreadsheets, notes and manual manipulation of campaigns. Hero AI changes that with advanced, data-driven automation.

It empowers you to:

  • Find the best affiliate programs and offers available based on YOUR criteria.
  • Produce tailored content for email, social, blogs and more automatically.
  • See exactly which products convert best for targeted customer demographics.
  • Run winning ads predicted to get clicks and commissions.
  • Continually optimize based on real-time data and metrics.
  • Accurately track ROI and earnings per campaign.

Early feedback from beta testers has been beyond positive. Most are seeing their affiliate commissions double or even triple thanks to Hero AI’s optimized automation.

The course teaches how to leverage these AI tools for supercharged results without needing advanced technical skills. Hero AI handles the heavy lifting while you profit from your affiliate promos.


It’s an exciting time for Robby Blanchard’s fanbase. Hero AI delivers on the dream of an optimized, automated affiliate system proven to generate profits. It’s the fitting next chapter for one of the internet’s most renowned affiliate marketers.

Robby built his authority and courses by staying ahead of industry trends. Hero AI demonstrates his commitment to keeping customers ahead of the online income curve. Leveraging artificial intelligence combined with Robby’s hard-won knowledge should empower both newbies and seasoned affiliates alike.

With Hero AI launching March 18th, it begins the next era of Robby Blanchard courses. One where optimized automation allows students to rise above the competition and maximize commissions like never before. It will be exciting to see the success students have when Hero AI hits the market very soon!

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Grasping Robby Blanchard’s Hero AI and the Realm of Affiliate Marketing

Hero AI by Robby Blanchard – The New Masterclass

Are you seriously interested in earning money on the Internet via the universe of affiliate marketing? If your answer to that question is an enthusiastic “yes,” you should look into YouTube and Facebook advertising. Luckily for you, exploring both of these forms of advertising is easier than ever thanks to Hero AI from Robby Blanchard.

robby blanchard

>> Click here to learn more about Commission Hero AI

Hero AI, in a nutshell, is the name of a modern training program that focuses on the aforementioned YouTube and Facebook ads. It takes advantage of all sorts of updated AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies and concepts as well.

If you want to take a Facebook ads advanced course and a YouTube ads advanced course at the same exact time, you should pay close attention to any honest and detailed review of Hero AI by Robby Blanchard. Reading a Hero AI review will help you determine whether you want to invest in the training program for your future advertising efforts.

Hero AI and the Wonders of Affiliate Marketing

Hero AI tools can do so much for people who want to thrive in the fast-paced and often unpredictable world of affiliate marketing. If you want to make a lot of money online via YouTube Ads and Facebook ads, you should learn about all of the things that Hero AI may be able to bring to the table for you.

Hero AI, first of all, can be a game changer for campaign ideation purposes. Do you want to come up with fresh and inspired ideas? Do you want to meticulously assess crazes and patterns that may be appropriate for your upcoming campaigns?

AI might be able to get you on the right track. That’s due to the fact that AI can aid you with the process of utilizing language comprehension, training data, pattern recognition, statistics and the whole nine yards. These things can do so much for marketers who truly want to be able to get into the minds of all their target audience members.

>> Click here to know more details about Commission Hero AI

High Converting Copywriting with Hero AI

Copywriting is and has long been a big part of major success in affiliate marketing, and understandably so. Luckily, Hero AI tool can be highly advantageous for affiliate marketers who want to sharpen their copywriting abilities and results in a big way.

Copywriting, in a nutshell, is all about penning words that have the power to motivate audience members to go through with certain desired actions. These actions run the gamut. Advertisers often want audience members to purchase specific products. They often want them to sign up for mailing lists, click on specific affiliate links and follow certain social media platforms as well. It depends.

If you want to soar in the realm of copywriting, Hero AI tools may be able to help you considerably. Hero AI can be a major source of assistance for affiliate marketers who want to be able to take full advantage of a number of rock-solid copywriting components. These components involving getting peoples’ attention, making them long for certain things and much more.

The Magic of Hero AI Tools

Hero AI tools can make it a piece of cake for marketers to be able to pen imaginative and effective blog posts, landing pages, email messages and advertisements galore. These tools can be ideal for marketers who want to be able to help establish lasting connections and bonds with audience members and master Facebook ads and YouTube ads.

Visuals unsurprisingly are a significant part of affiliate marketing in this day and age. If you want to do well with YouTube ads and Facebook ads, you should put a lot of thought into the images you select. Hero AI tools can be helpful to marketers who need assistance with the generation of suitable images, landing pages, ad copies and videos.

Remember, visuals can make lengthy blogs a lot simpler to read. They make everything a lot more eye-catching and memorable, too. If you want to be able to come up with distinctive, pertinent, one-of-a-kind and unforgettable images for your marketing purposes, the assistance of AI tools may be exactly what the doctor ordered. People who want to be able to create appropriate and high-quality images using AI tools have to do a bit of work on their own, however.

If you want to master Affiliate marketing combining with Facebook ads and YouTube ads, highly converting landing pages and video ads consider Hero AI by Robby Blanchard.

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