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Robby Blanchard is an established authority in the affiliate marketing and online entrepreneurship spaces. With over 15 years of experience, he has created several highly successful online courses including Commission Hero and Platinum Project which teach proven affiliate marketing strategies and tactics.

His loyal customer base eagerly anticipates the launch of his newest course called Hero AI on March 18th, 2024, which leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to streamline and optimize the entire affiliate marketing process.

By automating and optimizing key workflows from research to execution, Hero AI promises to take Robby’s expert teaching to the next level while maximizing earning potential. His expertise and innovative application of AI has generated substantial excitement and anticipation for the transformative impact Hero AI may have on the industry.

About Robby Blanchard

robby blanchard

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Robby Blanchard first ventured into affiliate marketing in 2015, cutting his teeth during the “Wild West” days of online marketing. Recognizing the income potential of affiliate programs, he quickly found success driving traffic and generating commissions within newly mainstream affiliate networks.

Leveraging this experience, Robby later decided to create online courses to teach others how to transform passions, interests and hobbies into thriving affiliate marketing businesses. For over fifteen years, he has continually expanded on his affiliate system mastery through new course offerings, while staying at the digital forefront by incorporating technological advances.

With the promise of heightened earnings potential, Robby was compelled to create his newest course Hero AI – integrating artificial intelligence to take affiliate marketing to unprecedented new heights. His unrivaled expertise and strategic adoption of emerging technologies has fueled anticipation for the launch of Hero AI as his most transformative program yet.

Commission Hero and Platinum Project Courses

For several years now, Commission Hero and Platinum Project have been Robby Blanchard’s flagships courses – teaching the entire process to find winning offers, drive targeted traffic to promotions and ultimately generate commissions with affiliate marketing.

The basic outline of Robby’s affiliate marketing business model is:

• Research profitable affiliate offers in niche markets
• Create content assets like articles, emails, text messages around chosen offers
• Drive traffic to affiliate links using paid ads (FB, YouTube, Native, Display ads)
• Repeat and scale the process over and over

Some core methods covered inside the courses include:

  • Finding untapped, unsaturated affiliate offers with decent payouts.
  • Writing catchy headlines that capture attention.
  • Optimizing landing pages for higher conversions
  • Split testing ads to determine winners.
  • Retargeting previous visitors to increase sales.

Building custom audiences for laser focused ads

Both Commission Hero and Platinum Project revealed new, actionable strategies during an era when many outdated affiliate marketing tactics no longer worked. They hit the market at just the right time – when Robby could teach methods, he used to generate over $40 million in sales.

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It was affiliate marketing adapted for today’s online ecosystems and advertising landscapes.

The underlying course philosophy also resonated strongly. Robby insisted members promote products they actually know, like and trust. Building an affiliate business around your interests and passions is much more fulfilling while also establishing authority and trust with your target audience.

Now Hero AI looks to streamline and optimize the proven Commission Hero framework leveraging futuristic AI technology.

Hero AI Course Launching March 2024

hero ai

Hero AI represents the culmination of Robby Blanchard’s 9 years working in affiliate marketing, capped off with bleeding-edge artificial intelligence integration. Simply put – it aims to automate the manual tasks and processes covered in Commission Hero to boost earning potential.

This means Hero AI customers can leverage AI algorithms and data synthesis to:

  • Accurately detect online money-making opportunities with affiliate programs, across multiple platforms and websites simultaneously.
  • Generate written content around targeted affiliate offers including articles, social posts, text snippets, emails and more.
  • Run sophisticated data analysis to inform the launch of new campaigns, including intelligence on audiences, competition, saturation and optimization ability.
  • Track, monitor and optimize all aspects of affiliate campaigns using predictive data and metrics tailored to your offer vertical.

The capabilities Hero AI brings to the table should not be understated. Affiliate marketers typically rely on spreadsheets, notes and manual manipulation of campaigns. Hero AI changes that with advanced, data-driven automation.

It empowers you to:

  • Find the best affiliate programs and offers available based on YOUR criteria.
  • Produce tailored content for email, social, blogs and more automatically.
  • See exactly which products convert best for targeted customer demographics.
  • Run winning ads predicted to get clicks and commissions.
  • Continually optimize based on real-time data and metrics.
  • Accurately track ROI and earnings per campaign.

Early feedback from beta testers has been beyond positive. Most are seeing their affiliate commissions double or even triple thanks to Hero AI’s optimized automation.

The course teaches how to leverage these AI tools for supercharged results without needing advanced technical skills. Hero AI handles the heavy lifting while you profit from your affiliate promos.


It’s an exciting time for Robby Blanchard’s fanbase. Hero AI delivers on the dream of an optimized, automated affiliate system proven to generate profits. It’s the fitting next chapter for one of the internet’s most renowned affiliate marketers.

Robby built his authority and courses by staying ahead of industry trends. Hero AI demonstrates his commitment to keeping customers ahead of the online income curve. Leveraging artificial intelligence combined with Robby’s hard-won knowledge should empower both newbies and seasoned affiliates alike.

With Hero AI launching March 18th, it begins the next era of Robby Blanchard courses. One where optimized automation allows students to rise above the competition and maximize commissions like never before. It will be exciting to see the success students have when Hero AI hits the market very soon!

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