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hero ai

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The Hero AI program promises to dramatically improve Facebook and YouTube ads in your marketing campaign. It claims to reshape the digital marketing landscape by mapping where the customers are in their buying journey. Robby Blanchard combines detailed case studies, AI software, and a plethora of resources to make the program more than just a money-making system. In this review, we’ll dissect the course to see if it’s a good fit for your business.

About the author

Robby Blanchard is the man behind the Hero AI course He’s a renowned affiliate marketer focusing primarily on Facebook and YouTube ads. His positive energy has helped thousands of entrepreneurs harness the power of ads to build an audience. Blanchard’s name is synonymous – his track record speaks for itself. He’s the man behind Project Platinum and Commission Hero. His commitment to excellence is what sets him apart.

How does Hero AI work?

If you want to be part of this transformative experience, Hero AI awaits you. It uses artificial intelligence to improve the effectiveness of your social media advertising campaigns. Thanks to the advanced algorithms, users can analyze vast amounts of data to maximize their ROI. To speak candidly, proper utilization of this tool can amplify your marketing efforts. The core objective of the course is to equip users with the necessary skills to run their Facebook and YouTube ads successfully.

What’s in the Hero AI course?

You’ll learn:

• How to optimize your Facebook and YouTube ads with the help of AI

• How to place the ads to the right audience

• Retargeting strategies to grow your business past six figures

You’re probably thinking that this Facebook ads course echoes the same narrative as other online programs. Well, Hero AI distinguishes itself in the following ways:

AI software integration

The program uses the latest technologies of AI to handle more than 90% of tasks involved in online advertising. This groundbreaking software offers some level of automation.

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The expertise of Robby Blanchard

Blanchard’s part courses (Commission Hero and Project Platinum) have demonstrated consistent success. Most users claim to generate seven figures per year. The strategies discussed in the Facebook ads course are tested to highlight the effectiveness of his teaching strategies. This is an opportunity to learn from an expert.



The user-friendly interface allows you to create Facebook and YouTube ads and publish them in minutes. Additionally, you’ll learn how to manage them in a centralized place.

Saves time

The program uses the latest technologies of AI. The beautiful thing about the course is that it does all the grunt work that takes hours for humans to perform. In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, automation can be a game-changer. With Hero AI, you can streamline repetitive tasks and focus on other critical aspects of your business.

Hyper-targeted ads

Hero AI analyzes user behavior to create highly targeted ads. This level of engagement increases the likelihood of conversions. Secondly, you get suggestions on how to generate more compelling visual ads. The ability to discern intricate patterns guarantees highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Optimizing ads in real-time

The AI tools will ensure your ads perform at their best in real-time. Even as a newcomer, you can match the performance of the highly sought-after advertising agencies.

Personalized support and guidance

Robby Blanchard commits to be there for you as you implement the strategies in your business. If you need any assistance, you can reach out via email. He can also schedule a live chat at your convenience.

In this new course, Blanchard does not just teach; he ensures his students reach the pinnacle of online marketing. His approach to guiding students aims to help entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge in the digital space.

Pricing structure of the Facebook ads course

Hero AI course will come with a 12-month payment plan. You’ll also have an option to make two payments – check the official website for further details. The course will be available from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Ready to take the next step?

Hero AI will be the game changer for businesses that want to revolutionize the way they interact with their audience. If you want to be part of this revolutionary journey, you can grab a copy of this amazing program on March 18th, 2024. After you implement the strategies offered by Robby Blanchard, you can leverage your Facebook and YouTube ads to triple your income. It’s 100% legit and definitely worth your investment.

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